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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

::Our Beauitful Trunk Found a Home::

Almost a year ago, Craft Hubby and I restored this beauty!  I most definitely fell head over heels in love with her! My Dad found her as canvas only, ripped up in the corner of a garage he was helping clean out. He thought it looked like something we would like and brought her to us in a broken brown pile.  One look at her and I new she would make a great coffee table.  We ended up having to completely reconstruct her so the canvas had something to lay on.  We took apart a broken end table for the base, painted her, sewed and little by little she became her beautiful self!  I wish I had taken pictures of the before and after!!  This was well before we started blogging, BOO! 

After our first show a family member came and she recognized the trunk right away.  Come to find out it was Crafty Hubbies Grandma's! SAY WHAT?!  After much debating on if we should keep it our not, we decided to keep her up for sale. 

She has been with us to over 5 shows,  she has gotten quite a lot of attention!  Many pictures (cause everyone has a trunk and is going to do this on their own, Ehehhe!)  She was sat on to see if would be good for a bench.  She was even asked to be in a model shoot AND all the while I was becoming the trunk lady! UGH!  Finally, this weekend she finally got herself a new home!  We hope you fall in love like we did!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

::Open House Gift For Students::

WOW!  I have been really slacking with all this computer stuff!  Though, I promise if you come to any of our fall shows you'll know why :0)  Also, I'm back to teaching!  Which is why I'm showing you this!

I always give my new students a gift at open house!  Well, I'm super thrifty and with having a hefty amount of kiddo's it can get pretty pricey so I put my "Thinking Cap" on and came up with cereal! It's yummy, kids love it and it's cheap!  Did I mention that I came up with this ummmh, maybe 10 years ago??  I then typed in cereal poems and found this.  Remember, it was long ago so I'm not sure where or who wrote this sorry :0(  I tweaked it for Preschool, so feel free to change it to your needs!

For your  1st Day of school breakfast!
This special treat is to remind you that I’m glad you are in my class!  Before you eat your treat have someone read the list inside.

  Search the bag for the marshmallow shapes hidden inside!  You should find: 

*A yellow star---to remind you will always shine in my class! 
*A pot of gold---to remind you that you’re worth a million! 
*A colorful rainbow---to remind you to promise to always do your best! 
*A blue moon---to remind you that once in awhile, we all make mistakes, and that’s okay! 
*A green clover---to give you good luck as you begin Preschool! 
*A purple horseshoe---to remind you that U matter! 
*A red balloon---to remind you to soar above the clouds and try new things. 
*And most of all---a pink heart to remind you that as your teacher, I care about you. 

Now you put them in a bowl, for a yummy 1st day of school breakfast! See you soon!
Love, Mrs. Foster

If you want to try this, here's what you'll need!

-1 box of Lucky Charms

-1 ribbon spool

-hole puncher

-paper bags

-cut copy of the poem above

Get it all ready on the awesome chair you bought from Grungy Galz (Ehheheh, I had too!) and here we go!


Poor a cup full in each bag.

 Add bottom poem to the inside of bag.
Hole punch top part of poem to the bag.
 String your ribbon through the holes...

And you're done!!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy :0)

One box of cereal made 12 gifts! I was able to get the Lucky Charms for $2.99. So you figure around 3 boxes for a large class, then some for you!  9 bucks!  Not bad!

Friday, August 3, 2012

::Bethie's Sassy Rocking Chair::

I promise I don't ONLY make red furniture!!!

Have you ever met someone that is just so fun, sweet and happy that you just love to be around?  Well, that's my Sister-In-Law!!  Sadly, I don't get to see much of her but when we get together we have a blast!

She just had our sweet baby niece and my Father-In-Law thought it would be great, if she had a rocking chair!  He dropped it off at our home in the hopes we would have it done before baby arrived.. Sweet baby girl is now 3 months old, BAD AUNTIE!!  And I'm just getting around to finishing it!

At first, I thought I would make it to match her nursery. After finding out she already had a chair in the nursery, we decided to make it for her home.  The rocking chair had been passed down through many family members and turned into quite a mess.  I would love to show you before pictures but I forgot!!  I did however remember to snap a picture of the seat!  Doesn't it look lovely?

Crafty Hubby had to take the chair a part and put it back together, to make it safe and sound.  Then for the fun part, paint!  We decided on red because she has splashes of red throughout her adorable home.

Now to make it as Bethie say's...
a "Sassy Rocking Chair" we did this!!

We hope she loves it!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

::Backpack, Backpack::

I'm the Backpack
Loaded up with things and nick naks too
Anything that you might need I got inside for you!

Getting ready for another year of Preschool, which means Grungy Galz has to be put on hold for a week or two :0(  Each year we have a project to do that makes my classroom well, grungy! Last year I needed a new backpack rack.  Here's what we started with! 

This a vintage door that we got at an antique store that was going out of business.  A steal for 5 bucks!!  Don't you just love days like that?

Then this is parts of a bench that was just laying around. SEE good thing I'm a hoarder :0)  I also have a box full of old hardware that I always dig in to.   So between my old stuff and trips to Lowe's here's what we made!

Tada! After we made it and put where we wanted Crafty Hubby noticed we covered our light switch!!! UGHHH!  

That's okay...We just added it to our design and happen to find a light switch cover that matched our hooks.  After he made it to "code"??  We were all set to fill it up!

This is what it looks like most of the time :0)  Love it???  We are in the process of making another one!  It will be at our next show!  What color would you like it? 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

::Sometimes You Need To Fail::

Thank goodness for great friends and wonderful food! Because that is all that was going for us up in Flagstaff! I really think this was one of the times that I needed to fail in order to get something better. I found out that the direction I thought I wanted.. I really don't! I met some great new people, hopefully we will get into a boutique up there (They just don't know it, yet!) Plus if you have a super fun side kick...You can have a blast ANYWHERE!!      

The car show!
Our booth, trying our green tea, Ade and I, crafting in our hotel room!

Our yummy food!!!  I could eat all day like this!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

::Road Trip::

...or work trip. OR girls weekend! Whatever you may want to call it we are getting out of Dodge!

I've been thinking...
I think YOU need to come on out to Flagstaff, AZ this weekend and pay us a visit! Where to find us you ask? We'll be bunked up in a booth with My Vintage Vixen!

Check it out:  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

::No Soliciting::

I love our little business!  I SLEEP, EAT & BREATHE Grungy Galz!  I told the gang and myself that this was the summer! I was really going to push our business. 

I was really going to not hide our items for shows and put them on Etsy for you all to see. I have a TON in Miss Lady (AKA-our trailer)  somethings you don't even know I sale... 
Well, that has not been going so good!!

Then my next big plan was to hit the road!  I was going to solicit to local boutiques. It sounds fun right?  WRONG!!  I really don't like being a bother to people, I'm not that pushy sales person and I-Am-Afraid-Of-Rejection... There, I said it!!

I decided to put my big girl drawls on and do it!!  It was not bad at all! I had the chance to meet many new people, got lots of feedback, learned some new painting recipes, found out that my friend at Corona Couture is a jewelry rock star and even got invited to be in 3 boutiques!!!

I guess soliciting is not that bad after all...
But, I still don't like it :0)

P.S. I was laughing so hard doing these pictures!!!!
Hope you like them!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

::Grungy Fancy, just the way I like it::

I have ALWAYS wanted a chandelier in one of my rooms, well you all know when you live in AZ you HAVE to have a ceiling fan!!  So there goes my chandelier :0(  

Then I had an idea!!  
I got this lamp from a friend a while back and it was begging for some fancy!  

I had some vintage chandelier parts lying around my garage.Yep, I'm a horder! I thought it would be so cool to strip the shade down to the bones and use that for the base.  Of coarse it was plastic, so I had to make do with what I had on hand to build it... If you are trying this a home, make sure your shade has the bones, cause this was a  pain!!

Then I taped it off and painted her.  
I choose turquoise and red to match my Grungy Galz room!

Now the fun part, adding the crystals!!

I wanted to have it so, it swooped down and gave it a chandelier feel!  I was all done and ready to put it on the lamp and IT DID NOT FIT!!!  So, make sure your shade is the right one before spending 2 hours wiring all the crystals, this is the part of the project where I was pulling my hair!!!  After crying to Crafty Hubby he came to the rescue with his magical grinder tool and it fit! 

All my crazy ideas are never as easy as I think they will be. 
Though, She sure is Purddy!!  
What do you think?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

::Summertime Giveaway::

I completely forgot, but I am here now :0) to announce the winner of the 
Summertime Giveaway: American Berry Rosette Headband.

...and the WINNER is...

Alyssa Parker!!

Spread The Word by Sharing Our Page... 
Grungy Galz is having a Summertime Giveaway!! 

Get your friends to check us out and LIKE Grungy Galz on facebook, then leave a comment here with your favorite SUMMER vacation spot! 


It's that easy! Winner will be announced right here on Sunday, so don't miss out!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

::Summer Bucket::

For the last 10 years the kiddo's and I have made a summer list!  It's SO much fun and they all look forward to making it, even the big kids :0)  Here's how we do it..

We have a summer bucket, I think I picked this one up at the dollar section at Target?  I then choose two different colors. One for the almost free stuff and one for the things that cost money.  I then give two "free" color papers and one "cost money" paper to each one of my kiddo's.  We then take turns filling them out.  Because I have no J-O-B in the summer, my kids have gotten pretty good about their no cost choices. Actually, the no cost ones usually end up being the best!

Here is what they have choosen this year!

We then put them in the bucket and I randomly pick one for the day!  If I have the funds, I pick an orange and if we are tight, I pick a yellow! 

My goal will be to post pictures of Our Summer Bucket fun!  
What are you doing this summer?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

::Sentimental Treasures::

Is there a place growing up that you just loved? 

The place for Crafty Hubby is a cabin in the "Pines" of AZ!  You can just see him light up when he tells the kids and I all the stories about his family cabin.  From playing with his ALL his Aunt's to getting into trouble or the best part just spending time with his adored Grandpa.

Every so often we would go up north just for him to take a look.  Over the years, it has aged and WE both just loved all the grungy potential.  Time past and we had not gone up for awhile...When finally got up there -- this is what we saw :0(

The town bulldozed it down!!!  I guess it was getting too grungy, then in the corner of the property was a pile of what was left of The Brown Cabin.  I began to do what I do best.  DIG! We found the door handle, spiders, the street post and a bunch of glorious wood and a snake! You can see one of the wood pieces propped up on Bessie (the truck).

I used a basic craft stencil to paint an "The Old Brown Cabin" sign.

 Then we cut the back of the door handle off, so it would hang better. Ta Da!!

Now Crafty Hubby has a little piece of his favorite place that he can look at daily! The street post likes to be in outside in the garden!

Peoples junk are truly my treasures!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

::Summer Smoothies::

Tomorrow, I will be closing up Preschool for the year! Which makes me think of Summer. Which makes me think of SMOOTHIES!!

So I did a little blog hopping and found some simply yummy recipes...

What is YOUR favorite Summer (or anytime) Smoothie?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

::I want to put a caterpillar on my eye::

Not just any caterpillar,

a really hairy one so I can have these kind of lashes!

I have a niece and a couple of friends that have the most beautiful eyelashes ever and I just want to pluck them out!!  Come on you know you want to as well, ehehehheh!  Because I would creep out people with the caterpillar and I can't pluck theirs out...I thought I would try a product called Arbonne Eyelash Enhancer.  

Here's what they looked like before.

The camera is making them look better, trust me THERE NOT!! What you do is put this on above your eyelashes, it comes with a brush. You put it on like liquid eyeliner.  You do this twice a day.  Easy peesy!

I wanted to try Latisse or eyelash extensions but they were both more then I wanted to spend.  This was $35 and when I looked up the reviews they were amazing!  There was people saying it took 2 days (whatever) to notice thicker longer lashes.Well it's been 4 WEEKS and here's what I have.

Do you see much difference?  Hmmmmm, maybe a little??  But sure not what I was hoping for!  I say keep your $35 bucks and buy a pack of fakes :0)