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Thursday, April 26, 2012

::Aprons Make Me Happy::

There is just something about an apron!

Not in the mood to cook, put on your apron! 
Need extra pockets, put on your apron! 
Don't want your little preschoolers to smear paint on you, put on your apron! 
Just want to look like a cutie patootie...You got it!  


When I decide to do Grungy Galz shows, I knew I need another a new one.  Here's my show apron!

I made it from a window valence, then added all the extra pockets!  So then I started thinking, what else could I use?  At a Goodwill shopping trip I found this beautiful color shoe holder, perfect!  So lets make an apron!!  Anyone that can sew a line can do it!

First measure how long you want it.  I did mine in half, that way I could get two out of it :0) Then cut it!

Now zig zag stitch the bottom, it should be sewn already but it's always nice to have a little extra stitches!

From there, fold the top over enough to fit over each side of your ribbon. My ribbon is 1" thick and 38" long on each side. Place each ribbon on each side, then pined it in place.

Now sew the ribbons on each side and then over the entire top part.

YOU DID IT!!  If you want you can fancy it up a bit and add a bow or whatever you want, here's what it looks like!!  Pretty darn cute, right?

Okay, you don't want to make it?  
How about win it?

This is how you can WIN... LIKE this post on Facebook to enter your name once & follow my BLOG to enter twice! 
Winner will be draw this weekend :0)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

::Mirror, Mirror On The Wall::

I love yard sales!! Most of you know, I make a 'best friend' everywhere I go. I can't help it! I enjoy listening to everyone's story, or maybe I'm just a busy body? Nevertheless, I got to met the sweetest little man, ever!!  He began telling me about how he loves collecting old junk, SEE best friends!! After talking with him for bit, he tells me we got there to late (the story of my life) because he had a ton off stuff -- for great deals!! BOO! Then I see a gem!! 

Here she is!


I was so excited, she's a beaut!  She is so old and needs so much love but oh, what fun!  

First things first, this mirror needed to come out and take a bath!  Not sure if you could see from the first picture but, there was a lot of parts missing.  I then reconstructed them and fixed the wood and took out maybe 50 nails from the back!  It looks to me that it has been redone at least four times before me.  I love all the character. Now the fun part, paint!  Here's what I picked! 

I sprayed the frame front and back with this delicious red! Then I grunged it up a bit... added new backing and wh'la!! She Is Done :0)  


Thursday, April 12, 2012

::The Bunny Bandits::

Starting A New Tradition!
I was recently looking for an egg dying recipe on the ever so famous Pinterest when a sign caught my eye!  It was a sign that read "You've Been Egged"  Because we love doing Booing during Halloween, we had to give it a try!!! Here's what we did...

We got lot's of plastic eggs in all different sizes, then we picked a family that we would like to egg! I then had each one of my kiddo's write a nice message in the egg. Like, you're a good friend etc.

After we wrote our notes we put it in the eggs. We then added their names to the outside, that way everyone had a special egg!  Then we filled the rest up with candy and toys.

I then got this large egg and wrote this on the bag!  I left this on the porch and put the arrow on the bag to point them to their eggs!

Here's one of my little bunny bandits!  They were all so excited, me too!  Now the fun part!! Put the eggs all over their yard...Without getting caught!

Look at sneaky us!

We had a blast!!

So watch out next year, you'll never know if The Bunny Bandits will egg you!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

::Girls Night::

Recently, Crafty Hubby and our 4 boys (Tanner, Wyatt, Walker and Clayton) had a guys night out. Trinity (our daughter) and I patiently waited for our turn!! We waited two weeks for our movie to come out!  We were so excited! Our plan was: Dinner at The Olive Garden, Mirror Mirror and then to sneak a little Starbucks for the ride home.

IT'S NEVER THAT EASY! After getting ALL the boy's feed and settled. Lot's of visitors stopped by....We only had 30 minutes to eat and get there!! We made it just in time for a quick dinner, a fun movie and ice cream after!

Sometimes the best nights are the ones that are spontaneous!

Had to try this new color out for our girls night!  It's so fun!!  It goes on super nice, stays in all night. Then washes out, LOVE!  It's called Tribal Pigments.  You can get in many colors for $13 at the