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Thursday, April 12, 2012

::The Bunny Bandits::

Starting A New Tradition!
I was recently looking for an egg dying recipe on the ever so famous Pinterest when a sign caught my eye!  It was a sign that read "You've Been Egged"  Because we love doing Booing during Halloween, we had to give it a try!!! Here's what we did...

We got lot's of plastic eggs in all different sizes, then we picked a family that we would like to egg! I then had each one of my kiddo's write a nice message in the egg. Like, you're a good friend etc.

After we wrote our notes we put it in the eggs. We then added their names to the outside, that way everyone had a special egg!  Then we filled the rest up with candy and toys.

I then got this large egg and wrote this on the bag!  I left this on the porch and put the arrow on the bag to point them to their eggs!

Here's one of my little bunny bandits!  They were all so excited, me too!  Now the fun part!! Put the eggs all over their yard...Without getting caught!

Look at sneaky us!

We had a blast!!

So watch out next year, you'll never know if The Bunny Bandits will egg you!


  1. awesome idea! I have a friend that picks a family and does the 12 days of Christmas. Example: For "4 calling birds" she had four people, from four states call and leave happy holiday messages.