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Thursday, May 31, 2012

::Summer Bucket::

For the last 10 years the kiddo's and I have made a summer list!  It's SO much fun and they all look forward to making it, even the big kids :0)  Here's how we do it..

We have a summer bucket, I think I picked this one up at the dollar section at Target?  I then choose two different colors. One for the almost free stuff and one for the things that cost money.  I then give two "free" color papers and one "cost money" paper to each one of my kiddo's.  We then take turns filling them out.  Because I have no J-O-B in the summer, my kids have gotten pretty good about their no cost choices. Actually, the no cost ones usually end up being the best!

Here is what they have choosen this year!

We then put them in the bucket and I randomly pick one for the day!  If I have the funds, I pick an orange and if we are tight, I pick a yellow! 

My goal will be to post pictures of Our Summer Bucket fun!  
What are you doing this summer?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

::Sentimental Treasures::

Is there a place growing up that you just loved? 

The place for Crafty Hubby is a cabin in the "Pines" of AZ!  You can just see him light up when he tells the kids and I all the stories about his family cabin.  From playing with his ALL his Aunt's to getting into trouble or the best part just spending time with his adored Grandpa.

Every so often we would go up north just for him to take a look.  Over the years, it has aged and WE both just loved all the grungy potential.  Time past and we had not gone up for awhile...When finally got up there -- this is what we saw :0(

The town bulldozed it down!!!  I guess it was getting too grungy, then in the corner of the property was a pile of what was left of The Brown Cabin.  I began to do what I do best.  DIG! We found the door handle, spiders, the street post and a bunch of glorious wood and a snake! You can see one of the wood pieces propped up on Bessie (the truck).

I used a basic craft stencil to paint an "The Old Brown Cabin" sign.

 Then we cut the back of the door handle off, so it would hang better. Ta Da!!

Now Crafty Hubby has a little piece of his favorite place that he can look at daily! The street post likes to be in outside in the garden!

Peoples junk are truly my treasures!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

::Summer Smoothies::

Tomorrow, I will be closing up Preschool for the year! Which makes me think of Summer. Which makes me think of SMOOTHIES!!

So I did a little blog hopping and found some simply yummy recipes...

What is YOUR favorite Summer (or anytime) Smoothie?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

::I want to put a caterpillar on my eye::

Not just any caterpillar,

a really hairy one so I can have these kind of lashes!

I have a niece and a couple of friends that have the most beautiful eyelashes ever and I just want to pluck them out!!  Come on you know you want to as well, ehehehheh!  Because I would creep out people with the caterpillar and I can't pluck theirs out...I thought I would try a product called Arbonne Eyelash Enhancer.  

Here's what they looked like before.

The camera is making them look better, trust me THERE NOT!! What you do is put this on above your eyelashes, it comes with a brush. You put it on like liquid eyeliner.  You do this twice a day.  Easy peesy!

I wanted to try Latisse or eyelash extensions but they were both more then I wanted to spend.  This was $35 and when I looked up the reviews they were amazing!  There was people saying it took 2 days (whatever) to notice thicker longer lashes.Well it's been 4 WEEKS and here's what I have.

Do you see much difference?  Hmmmmm, maybe a little??  But sure not what I was hoping for!  I say keep your $35 bucks and buy a pack of fakes :0)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

::Darn That Teacher::

So is it a bad sign when your child doesn't get Student Of The Month until the last month of school? 

Every month when he was not chosen, it went like this...

Clayton: "I still don't get to be the one?"  
Mommy: "Nope, you have to NOT turn your card and be a good boy at school." 
Clayton: "Someday's I'm good!?!"  
Mommy: "Yep, sometimes, but you can't move your card all the time."  
Clayton: "I don't like those cards, I'm good!"  
Mommy:  "Try next month!"

Well it's the last month of the school year and he got picked!!

Yay!!  Baby, You did it!

Did I mention that his teacher happens to be ME, his mommy? :0)