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Thursday, May 3, 2012

::Darn That Teacher::

So is it a bad sign when your child doesn't get Student Of The Month until the last month of school? 

Every month when he was not chosen, it went like this...

Clayton: "I still don't get to be the one?"  
Mommy: "Nope, you have to NOT turn your card and be a good boy at school." 
Clayton: "Someday's I'm good!?!"  
Mommy: "Yep, sometimes, but you can't move your card all the time."  
Clayton: "I don't like those cards, I'm good!"  
Mommy:  "Try next month!"

Well it's the last month of the school year and he got picked!!

Yay!!  Baby, You did it!

Did I mention that his teacher happens to be ME, his mommy? :0)

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