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Thursday, May 10, 2012

::I want to put a caterpillar on my eye::

Not just any caterpillar,

a really hairy one so I can have these kind of lashes!

I have a niece and a couple of friends that have the most beautiful eyelashes ever and I just want to pluck them out!!  Come on you know you want to as well, ehehehheh!  Because I would creep out people with the caterpillar and I can't pluck theirs out...I thought I would try a product called Arbonne Eyelash Enhancer.  

Here's what they looked like before.

The camera is making them look better, trust me THERE NOT!! What you do is put this on above your eyelashes, it comes with a brush. You put it on like liquid eyeliner.  You do this twice a day.  Easy peesy!

I wanted to try Latisse or eyelash extensions but they were both more then I wanted to spend.  This was $35 and when I looked up the reviews they were amazing!  There was people saying it took 2 days (whatever) to notice thicker longer lashes.Well it's been 4 WEEKS and here's what I have.

Do you see much difference?  Hmmmmm, maybe a little??  But sure not what I was hoping for!  I say keep your $35 bucks and buy a pack of fakes :0)

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