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Thursday, May 31, 2012

::Summer Bucket::

For the last 10 years the kiddo's and I have made a summer list!  It's SO much fun and they all look forward to making it, even the big kids :0)  Here's how we do it..

We have a summer bucket, I think I picked this one up at the dollar section at Target?  I then choose two different colors. One for the almost free stuff and one for the things that cost money.  I then give two "free" color papers and one "cost money" paper to each one of my kiddo's.  We then take turns filling them out.  Because I have no J-O-B in the summer, my kids have gotten pretty good about their no cost choices. Actually, the no cost ones usually end up being the best!

Here is what they have choosen this year!

We then put them in the bucket and I randomly pick one for the day!  If I have the funds, I pick an orange and if we are tight, I pick a yellow! 

My goal will be to post pictures of Our Summer Bucket fun!  
What are you doing this summer?

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