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Thursday, June 14, 2012

::Grungy Fancy, just the way I like it::

I have ALWAYS wanted a chandelier in one of my rooms, well you all know when you live in AZ you HAVE to have a ceiling fan!!  So there goes my chandelier :0(  

Then I had an idea!!  
I got this lamp from a friend a while back and it was begging for some fancy!  

I had some vintage chandelier parts lying around my garage.Yep, I'm a horder! I thought it would be so cool to strip the shade down to the bones and use that for the base.  Of coarse it was plastic, so I had to make do with what I had on hand to build it... If you are trying this a home, make sure your shade has the bones, cause this was a  pain!!

Then I taped it off and painted her.  
I choose turquoise and red to match my Grungy Galz room!

Now the fun part, adding the crystals!!

I wanted to have it so, it swooped down and gave it a chandelier feel!  I was all done and ready to put it on the lamp and IT DID NOT FIT!!!  So, make sure your shade is the right one before spending 2 hours wiring all the crystals, this is the part of the project where I was pulling my hair!!!  After crying to Crafty Hubby he came to the rescue with his magical grinder tool and it fit! 

All my crazy ideas are never as easy as I think they will be. 
Though, She sure is Purddy!!  
What do you think?

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