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Thursday, June 21, 2012

::No Soliciting::

I love our little business!  I SLEEP, EAT & BREATHE Grungy Galz!  I told the gang and myself that this was the summer! I was really going to push our business. 

I was really going to not hide our items for shows and put them on Etsy for you all to see. I have a TON in Miss Lady (AKA-our trailer)  somethings you don't even know I sale... 
Well, that has not been going so good!!

Then my next big plan was to hit the road!  I was going to solicit to local boutiques. It sounds fun right?  WRONG!!  I really don't like being a bother to people, I'm not that pushy sales person and I-Am-Afraid-Of-Rejection... There, I said it!!

I decided to put my big girl drawls on and do it!!  It was not bad at all! I had the chance to meet many new people, got lots of feedback, learned some new painting recipes, found out that my friend at Corona Couture is a jewelry rock star and even got invited to be in 3 boutiques!!!

I guess soliciting is not that bad after all...
But, I still don't like it :0)

P.S. I was laughing so hard doing these pictures!!!!
Hope you like them!

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