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Thursday, August 23, 2012

::Open House Gift For Students::

WOW!  I have been really slacking with all this computer stuff!  Though, I promise if you come to any of our fall shows you'll know why :0)  Also, I'm back to teaching!  Which is why I'm showing you this!

I always give my new students a gift at open house!  Well, I'm super thrifty and with having a hefty amount of kiddo's it can get pretty pricey so I put my "Thinking Cap" on and came up with cereal! It's yummy, kids love it and it's cheap!  Did I mention that I came up with this ummmh, maybe 10 years ago??  I then typed in cereal poems and found this.  Remember, it was long ago so I'm not sure where or who wrote this sorry :0(  I tweaked it for Preschool, so feel free to change it to your needs!

For your  1st Day of school breakfast!
This special treat is to remind you that I’m glad you are in my class!  Before you eat your treat have someone read the list inside.

  Search the bag for the marshmallow shapes hidden inside!  You should find: 

*A yellow star---to remind you will always shine in my class! 
*A pot of gold---to remind you that you’re worth a million! 
*A colorful rainbow---to remind you to promise to always do your best! 
*A blue moon---to remind you that once in awhile, we all make mistakes, and that’s okay! 
*A green clover---to give you good luck as you begin Preschool! 
*A purple horseshoe---to remind you that U matter! 
*A red balloon---to remind you to soar above the clouds and try new things. 
*And most of all---a pink heart to remind you that as your teacher, I care about you. 

Now you put them in a bowl, for a yummy 1st day of school breakfast! See you soon!
Love, Mrs. Foster

If you want to try this, here's what you'll need!

-1 box of Lucky Charms

-1 ribbon spool

-hole puncher

-paper bags

-cut copy of the poem above

Get it all ready on the awesome chair you bought from Grungy Galz (Ehheheh, I had too!) and here we go!


Poor a cup full in each bag.

 Add bottom poem to the inside of bag.
Hole punch top part of poem to the bag.
 String your ribbon through the holes...

And you're done!!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy :0)

One box of cereal made 12 gifts! I was able to get the Lucky Charms for $2.99. So you figure around 3 boxes for a large class, then some for you!  9 bucks!  Not bad!

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