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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

::Our Beauitful Trunk Found a Home::

Almost a year ago, Craft Hubby and I restored this beauty!  I most definitely fell head over heels in love with her! My Dad found her as canvas only, ripped up in the corner of a garage he was helping clean out. He thought it looked like something we would like and brought her to us in a broken brown pile.  One look at her and I new she would make a great coffee table.  We ended up having to completely reconstruct her so the canvas had something to lay on.  We took apart a broken end table for the base, painted her, sewed and little by little she became her beautiful self!  I wish I had taken pictures of the before and after!!  This was well before we started blogging, BOO! 

After our first show a family member came and she recognized the trunk right away.  Come to find out it was Crafty Hubbies Grandma's! SAY WHAT?!  After much debating on if we should keep it our not, we decided to keep her up for sale. 

She has been with us to over 5 shows,  she has gotten quite a lot of attention!  Many pictures (cause everyone has a trunk and is going to do this on their own, Ehehhe!)  She was sat on to see if would be good for a bench.  She was even asked to be in a model shoot AND all the while I was becoming the trunk lady! UGH!  Finally, this weekend she finally got herself a new home!  We hope you fall in love like we did!