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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

::What a Gem::

This is the kinda stuff I love the most!! The uglier, the better :0)
This is what it looked like before...

We picked up this gem and all it's broken beauty on one of our picking trips.  As you can see it was quite a mess.  The top was missing, then at the last minute the man we got it from found it! We saved that for a sign :0) It all about not wasting, right? After fixing the inside guts so the drawers did not get stuck anymore.  I picked area's that I wanted to distress and painted those dark brown.  After it dried, I smeared the brown spots with dollar store petroleum jelly...I suggest getting the powder scented kind because it smells YUMMY!

Now at this point we took all the hardware off and I had to fill in all the circles. Can you see them? There were circle drag marks around each handle. Then we cut a fresh top and set it aside for later! Now to get painting!  This was my first piece using my own chalk paint mix on furniture and I LOVED it!
I will post that one day!!

You put the chalk paint a little thicker on the the jelly, when it dries it crackles! That makes it easier for you to sand it off.   I then painted the drawers cream. After that I put a clear coat of wax.

When the whole thing was done, we stained the new top and added the hardware back on and ta da!

What'cha think? 


  1. The color is awesome! Nice job!

  2. Hi Bridget!

    I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Liebster award. If you want to participate then hop on over to my blog to see the details!