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Thursday, June 27, 2013

::Our Trip To Bisbee::

About a month ago, Crafty Hubby and I set off for a mini getaway.  I have always wanted to go to Bisbee, Arizona.  Being that we are both native Arizonans. . .I am not sure why we did not go sooner.  I absolutely love this town!!  I fell in love with the history, weather, architecture and the people!!  Yep, I pretty much found where we are going to retire.  Here's a look at what we did!

This was the main street!  Isn't it so cute?  The arrow is where our room was, it was such a great view and the hotel was AMAZING!!             

The owner of the hotel was the nicest person ever!!  I think I could have talked to her all day, for sure a keeper! 

There was a ton of antique stores and the prices were all really good! In this picture, I'm trying to get a iron vintage bird house....FAIL!! We could not agree on a price :0( He had it in the 50% off section, until I wanted it! Ehhehe

We really enjoyed all the restaurants, coffee houses and bars.  Not one bad meal to be had and boy did I eat.  My favorite place was the Stock Exchange Saloon.  Local musicians played for open night mic and they were all so good! This one guy ( was so amazing with his acoustic guitar that we asked if he had a CD do they still make those?  He was great, went home and brought us back one.  Thanks Colin! 

One of the best parts of the trips was the mine tour.  If you are gonna visit Bisbee this is a must! 

It was a great trip! Thanks to Granny for staying with our kiddo's. We get to do this once a year and boy do we look forward to our little getaways!
Do you know any cool little towns we should visit next year? 


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