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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

::Holy Vita-Mix::

If you follow Grungy Galz on Instagram you probably have already seen my amazing finds of the week! Here's a picture to refresh your memory...

Can you believe that I found a Vita-Mix!?  I could not even believe my eyes when I saw it there, then I about screamed with joy when I saw the $7 price tag!!!

I grabbed up that baby super quick and took it to the cashier, walking VERY PROUD and then she said "Uhm, where did you find this?" Oh, no!! She then tried to take it away from me and told me it was priced wrong.  If you know me, then you know I'm not that brave and really don't stand up for MYSELF (everyone else, yes! Me, not so much) Well, I guess if a Vita-Mix is involved then I do!  So after much debate and management got involved, I got it!!!

It's sooo awesome!  I'm blending away these days :0)

Cheer's to junk'n!!

If you know some yummy recipes, I would love for you to share!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

::Soft Opening::

I'm soooo very excited to announce our next big step! Crafty Hubby and I our opening our very own shop!! We are taking over the WHOLE upstairs at the Blue House Boutique in the historic downtown Glendale in Catlin Court!  Isn't this house so adorable?

Most of this summer we have been building and painting furniture (our poor kids) and finally, we are seeing some progress! This is a part of the store before we moved in, it is such a great space! 

Here is the half way point...

Now we are mostly done and ready to open for our Soft Opening!  So, what does a "Soft Opening" mean anyhow?  Well, I looked it up for you and it fit's us perfectly!  

Definition - Soft opening:  A period of time when a new store, which may not be fully complete, is open for business but has not formally announced its opening. 

I'm really liking it so far!! There is still lot's more to do (like our store sign) but it's definitely starting to feel like us!  I would love for you to check us out, the address is 5807 West Myrtle, Glendale AZ!

Friday, July 19, 2013


We picked up two of these end tables, as a buy one get one free auction deal! Well, actually the other one was quite a mess and cracked in half.  So, we salvaged the drawer (for this table) and the legs for another project down the road!  Win, win if you ask me!

The top on this table was pretty messed up, I needed to sand it down to it's bare wood and because I love the look of painted furniture with wooden tops... It was a perfect match!  After a bunch of time and sand paper, this is what it looked like.

Then I moved on to taping the top off and picking it's new color.

This color was so much fun!  It covered really good, which I needed for that ouchy on the bottom.

Once it was all painted, I grunged it up a bit. I then stained the top, the drawer and added a little furniture accessories.

That sure did brighten her up a bit!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

::Sweaty Pits::

Seriously, this post is gonna be to much information!  Why do I share with you, you ask? Well, because I love ya and if I can help at least ONE sweaty pit lady out there. . .then, I'm happy!!  First, I would like to start off with these vintage adds.  Even classy dames had some under arm issues ;0)

Eehehe, aren't those great!?

I'm very aware that sweating is a natural body process that is essential in removing toxins from the body.  BUT it's gross!! I really TRY to be crunchy about this and I just can't!  Sweaty pits is one thing that (for me) is the most embarrassing thing ever! 
If you've seen me at any vintage show - then, unfortunately you've seen my them!!  That is a perfect spot for them to arrive.  When I'm running around like a crazy lady before people get there, nervous when people show up, and well you get the picture!  So after trying just about everything - I have found a couple of perfect products that have kept ME sweaty pit free all summer!!

Yep, these two are it!  At night you want to put on the Certain Dri.  Warning DON'T put it on right after you shave, cause it will burn like crazy!  Then, in the morning you use Secret Clear Outlast and that's it!

Get your self some shirts other than black or put on a tank top and wave goodbye to sweaty pits forever!! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

::Repurposed Children's Table Set::

A couple of Junk In The Trunk shows ago. . .I had an adorable customer buy her little darling one of our play kitchens.  Do you remember seeing this one?

Recently, it was her birthday and she was ready for a table set to match.  As soon as I got the word, I was on the hunt for something perfect.  After much hunting, I found the chairs.  They were super sturdy (just in case Mommy & Daddy wanted tea).  They were a little pricey BUT I just had to have them.  Now for the table. . .Hmmm, I did not like anything I found.  So, I stole my very own end table from our family room.  Here they are getting ready to be purdy.

Now it was time to add a pink top coat and grungy her up a bit.  I also added a nice thick coat of polycrylic to the top.  That way it will wipe up nicely for all the little oopsies kiddo’s do :0)

Then because it was her birthday -- I thought she needed a little surprise!  Who doesn't like surprises?  I wanted to add something that tied in with the sink curtain on her kitchen and of course she needed a flower arrangement. 

 Happy Birthday Sweet Girl,
here’s to many tea party’s!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

::My 5 Year Old Tells It Like It Is::

We do our best as parents, to teach our children manners.  Though, for whatever reason  my 5 year old always tells me exactly what he feels.  The whole "if you don't have something nice to say..." saying confuses him.  He says, "I just telling the truth, I'm not mean!"  Thanks son!  So hear it is - ALL the not mean truth, eheheh!

Baby: WOW Mom!  I never thought you would get fat, but you are, your getting really fat!
Me: (now sucking in) Have I? Maybe it's these shorts?
Baby: Nope, your like a 49!!
Me: That's not nice, you should not say mean things to your mom!
Baby: I'm not mean!

Okay, so when your kid tells you your a 49.  You do something about it!  I have been counting calories and doing Just Sweat like a nut.  I do have to say, I feel better about myself. Though, I ABSOLUTELY hate counting calories because I just want to eat...Like all the time.  Food is my favorite!!  So I decide to find some recipes to share with you all, that are a little bit on the healthy side!  Enjoy :0)

And how about some yummy deserts?  That is a must around our house!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

::DIY: Flag Stand::

This was so easy!! You can do this in 10 minutes tops! Here's the supplies you'll need :0)

*Small flags
*Wooden leg
*drill bit gauge
*measuring tape

I happen to have these things laying around, but you could find the small flags at any craft store!  I've seen them for about .25 cents each.  As for the wooden leg, this was a left over part from another project but you could use a broken leg from a chair or a wooden candle stick would look nice too.  The chunkier the better!  I also used my drill press, though you don't really need one.  I just LOVE mine and use it for everything, it makes life so much easier! Are you ready? Here we go!

Take the end of one of your little flags and see what drill bit you need. As you can see, I needed a 15/64 bit.  Go ahead and put that in your drill.

Grab your wooden leg and measure down from the bottom, to 2 1/4 inch and mark it. Then you want to measure and mark around the whole wooden leg.  I did a total of 4 marks because I only had 5 flags on hand.

At this point, if you have a drill press change your bench to 45 degree angle. If you are not using a drill press you are going to have to drill at an angle. Find all your measured marks and drill away!

Then you want to drill a hole right smack in the middle! I left on the metal glide tack because it was rusty, it went right threw - smooth like butta!

Now there you go!  Super cute and easy, it would make a great table center piece! This one is going to my friend who adores the of 4th of July!

 Happy Independence Day America!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This weeks blog post needs some patriotic colors don't you think?  I seem to gravitate to red, but not this time!  I found this beauty and some fun knobs. . .and I just knew it should be blue!

This guy was in pretty good condition.  It just needed a bath and some sanding to get a bunch of scratches out.  Because it came with a ton of cat hair, I was pretty sure I knew what did this! OUCH, be nice kitty :0)

After some sanding and cleaning - it was time for color! 

Wow!! I love it, blue is such a strong color.