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Thursday, July 4, 2013

::DIY: Flag Stand::

This was so easy!! You can do this in 10 minutes tops! Here's the supplies you'll need :0)

*Small flags
*Wooden leg
*drill bit gauge
*measuring tape

I happen to have these things laying around, but you could find the small flags at any craft store!  I've seen them for about .25 cents each.  As for the wooden leg, this was a left over part from another project but you could use a broken leg from a chair or a wooden candle stick would look nice too.  The chunkier the better!  I also used my drill press, though you don't really need one.  I just LOVE mine and use it for everything, it makes life so much easier! Are you ready? Here we go!

Take the end of one of your little flags and see what drill bit you need. As you can see, I needed a 15/64 bit.  Go ahead and put that in your drill.

Grab your wooden leg and measure down from the bottom, to 2 1/4 inch and mark it. Then you want to measure and mark around the whole wooden leg.  I did a total of 4 marks because I only had 5 flags on hand.

At this point, if you have a drill press change your bench to 45 degree angle. If you are not using a drill press you are going to have to drill at an angle. Find all your measured marks and drill away!

Then you want to drill a hole right smack in the middle! I left on the metal glide tack because it was rusty, it went right threw - smooth like butta!

Now there you go!  Super cute and easy, it would make a great table center piece! This one is going to my friend who adores the of 4th of July!

 Happy Independence Day America!