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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

::Sweaty Pits::

Seriously, this post is gonna be to much information!  Why do I share with you, you ask? Well, because I love ya and if I can help at least ONE sweaty pit lady out there. . .then, I'm happy!!  First, I would like to start off with these vintage adds.  Even classy dames had some under arm issues ;0)

Eehehe, aren't those great!?

I'm very aware that sweating is a natural body process that is essential in removing toxins from the body.  BUT it's gross!! I really TRY to be crunchy about this and I just can't!  Sweaty pits is one thing that (for me) is the most embarrassing thing ever! 
If you've seen me at any vintage show - then, unfortunately you've seen my them!!  That is a perfect spot for them to arrive.  When I'm running around like a crazy lady before people get there, nervous when people show up, and well you get the picture!  So after trying just about everything - I have found a couple of perfect products that have kept ME sweaty pit free all summer!!

Yep, these two are it!  At night you want to put on the Certain Dri.  Warning DON'T put it on right after you shave, cause it will burn like crazy!  Then, in the morning you use Secret Clear Outlast and that's it!

Get your self some shirts other than black or put on a tank top and wave goodbye to sweaty pits forever!!