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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

::My 5 Year Old Tells It Like It Is::

We do our best as parents, to teach our children manners.  Though, for whatever reason  my 5 year old always tells me exactly what he feels.  The whole "if you don't have something nice to say..." saying confuses him.  He says, "I just telling the truth, I'm not mean!"  Thanks son!  So hear it is - ALL the not mean truth, eheheh!

Baby: WOW Mom!  I never thought you would get fat, but you are, your getting really fat!
Me: (now sucking in) Have I? Maybe it's these shorts?
Baby: Nope, your like a 49!!
Me: That's not nice, you should not say mean things to your mom!
Baby: I'm not mean!

Okay, so when your kid tells you your a 49.  You do something about it!  I have been counting calories and doing Just Sweat like a nut.  I do have to say, I feel better about myself. Though, I ABSOLUTELY hate counting calories because I just want to eat...Like all the time.  Food is my favorite!!  So I decide to find some recipes to share with you all, that are a little bit on the healthy side!  Enjoy :0)

And how about some yummy deserts?  That is a must around our house!


  1. That avocado toast looks so good I wanted to lick the picture :)

  2. Me too! We tried the diet PEPSI brownies last night and they were delish :0)