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Thursday, August 29, 2013

::Falling Over With Ideas::

Arizona is NOT the most stormy place in the world. We are normally full of sunshine and heat. Which, I absolutely love :0) So when a storm blows in. . .most of us Arizonan's are thrilled!!

Monday night we had a good one and it caused quite a mess over here.

I guess the old tree wanted to take a dip in our neighbors pool :0)  So now the question is. . .What to make with it?  Look at these cool ideas!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

::Kitchen No. 4::

This was the first time we have done a kitchen with so many features. The client that I worked with was so much fun.  She has twins, a boy and a girl, so we needed this kitchen set to be gender neutral and also match their room. She gave me colors, fabric patterns, and wishes for three kitchen appliances. Here is a look at what we started with! 

The entertainment center was in our "Junk To Do Area" and the table set we picked from a sale. Off to building we went! In order to get all three appliances that she requested in, we opted for a bowl style sink. That helped make space for the oven. Four bowls later. . .we had a match! 

After seeing the color of the room, I HAD to paint it aqua. Oh, do I love this color!

Then the fun part, to add the little bits that make it look like real kitchen. We painted the refrigerator with magnet paint and then topped it with chalk board paint, that way they can write on it and play with ABC magnets. 

I just adore these kitchens, they are so much fun! Here's the before and after photo's.  I think this one might be my favorite... 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

::Flowers of Sweet Salvage ~ August::

Look who turned 2!
In case y'all didn't know Grungy Galz creates ALL of the hair accessories for Sweet Salvage!!  I've been so lucky to be part of the Sweet Team for about a year and half now.  Where has the time gone?  Since I don't bring in my hair accessories until the morning of - I normally miss all the photo shoots.  So, from now on I'm gonna do a "Flowers of Sweet Salvage" post each month!

This month was Sweet Salvages 2nd birthday, Chapter Two!  Sweet is always filled with amazing finds and inspirational vignettes!  Everywhere you looked has some sort of  remembrance of the past two years, including wonderful displays of the number 2!

I make anywhere from 30-40 freshly new "picked" hair flowers each month!

Sweet and I are a perfect match!  I never make a flower that is the same and Sweet Salvage has a new theme and new merchandise each month.

I did do a bunch of pairs this month, to go with the theme but seemed to only take a picture of one? Oops, I'll get better at this!

I'm so looking forward to next months theme...  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

::Window Sign::

Lucky for us we have family that just restored their home in San Diego! That means we got all the old windows, yippee! There was a couple of them that were painted red already, so I thought I would not have to paint those. Actually, I bragged on Instagram that I would not have to... WRONG!! So off to painting I went.

Here I am painting a nice fresh coat of white for the base. I decided to go ahead and paint the whole sign.  If you do layers of latex on glass, it wont peel. You can even sand it!! Yup, true :0)

 I did a layer of aqua and taped that off, so I could paint the frame red!

I then painted our logo on it and returned all the original hardware.

Off to the store to hang!  I volunteered Crafty Hubby for the job. He is MY "Tim The Tool Man Taylor" and anytime he builds, you know it's gonna be sound!  Grunt, grunt, grunt!

Here it is! So excited to have my sign up!  After a ton on custom orders and building for the store, it's nice to fit in time for something that is just for us.

Then we put one up outside!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

::Sunshine Shabby Shelf::

We found this great little shelf!  It's pretty plain but it was solid wood and I knew she would stand out with a little character and sunshine :0)

Here are a couple of things we used: I LOVE bead board and it looks so good when it's all chippy and yummy!

First, we painted the bead board and the shelf unit separately. That makes life so much easier when your painting them both different colors.Then we attached the bead board to the back!

Isn't she happy now?  There is something about yellow that just makes me smile :0)

Friday, August 9, 2013


I have a sweet client that is decorating her baby-to-be room in vintage/shabby decor!  How sweet will that be? She contacted me to make a sign for her wall.  She told me it was from the "Hey Ho" song and gave me the lyrics she wanted. After a couple of days being done with the sign, I'm driving down the road listening singing to the song on the radio, when it hit me!  The song that I sing does not say "Sweetheart" it say's "Sweet Home"?!  WHAT!! I quickly came home and checked the lyrics to make sure I did the sign right!  FEW!! Thank goodness! It was just me, that was singing it wrong, ehehehe!

Hope you like your sign and a big congratulations to your new sweetheart!