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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

::Flowers of Sweet Salvage ~ September::

What a spooktacular month at Sweet Salvage! I absolutely adore the holidays and look forward each year to this event. It's kinda my staring point to all the holiday excitement.

Sweet was FULL of classy, yet creepy treasures this month! I thought my collection of dolls was big, HA! They put me to shame!

Those horse heads were amazing...

And this couch!!!  I dream of it. 

Making hair accessories this month was a blast! I did lots of whimsical fascinators. 

A bunch of creepy ones too! 

Then I threw in a dash of traditional Halloween and fall.

Between this lovely weather and this show, I'm ready for fall to began!   

Friday, September 13, 2013

::Rose Bowl Fun::

Recently, Mrs. Blue House and I went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California!! OH MY STARS, it was like Junker's Disneyland! Before, I show you all the great junk, let me show you how beautiful the town of Pasadena is. It's full of green trees and architectural loveliness!

We were so excited to head out first thing in the morning!  We arrived just before it opened and got our tickets!  I was thinking I might be the only crazy lady taking pictures but there was a bunch of us :0) Thank goodness they had an ATM, we were so excited we forgot to get cash. After getting our money we were ready to get our junk on!

It was pure vintage bliss! When we first walked to the the vintage section there was rows and rows of vintage clothing from every era. This was one of my favorite clothing booths. It was FULL of crinoline, lace, and sparkles!! Uhm, need I say more?

Now to the good stuff! There was rows and rows of salvage, vintage everything, oddities and more. Here is just a small glimpse of what the Rose Bowl Flea market has to offers.

Look at all this stuff!! Just amazing, right!?

 A bowl of eyes? Yes please!

Okay so now this is where I burst your excitement. Though we absolutely had a blast... The prices were generally steep, BOO!  Take this for example, this small salvage tool box was priced $125 for a set. I see these all day long for half that price. The drawer pulls from above were $10-$40 each, ouch!

Would we go back? You betcha!  Really, it's a great experience and a fun getaway. Plus, you just never know what treasures there will be next time around.

Have you been to the Rose Bowl? I would love to hear about your experience :0)