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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

::Flowers of Sweet Salvage ~ December::

How was everybody's Christmas? We had a lovely day spending time with the family.  It really doesn't get much better than that :0)

Sooo, who went to Sweet Salvage this month? There was so many must haves and did I mention FREE items!!  Yep, free!  I believe there were over a thousand free items to be found! All the free items had green stickers on them telling you to go ahead and take them home! Did you find one? 

That green crate above and both red meters were free!! I was soooo wishing I could play ;0) 

All the other items in the store were marked down, like way down! Ornate frames 10-20 bucks, huge wooden lanterns $5, Large shutters for $8 and lots more! 

This month was a blast for me! I love the whole idea of being able to give back to our customers. When the team of Sweet Salvage came up with this fantastic way to say thank you to you all a couple of years ago, I was in!

These all below were either discounted at half off or free :0) 

And here was some of the new designs!

And more boot socks!! I will be making these until February, they usually sale out within the first hour so get them while you can ;0)

See ya next year!  

Friday, December 13, 2013

::Throwing In The Towel::

Oh my stars!!  I've been so crazy busy this holiday season. Lots of building, sewing and a TON of painting!  I had so many projects to show you all, maybe 20 or so?!  Being in rush before a big show, I forgot to take all the finished pictures...That would have been about a half a years worth of post for me, eheheh! 

I recently found this sweet little telephone table. It was just the right size for a color pop of furniture accessory.  You know, like when you add that colorful necklace to your black dress to make your outfit come to life.  That's what I was hoping someone would do to a room, with this little guy!

First thing, was to take it all apart and clean it up (she looks a little dusty, right?). I also had to cut a small piece of wood for the back that was missing.

Now was time for paint!  Here in AZ, it's been cold enough to make the the trees change a little and I have been loving all the beautiful orange in the trees, so orange it is!

Okay, did you notice all the clumps? I'm DONE with making my own chalk paint!  In over the last 6 months or so, I have been using the "real chalk paint" only.  After you use the real stuff for so long and you try to go back...There is just no way!!!
Seriously look at this!! It took me forever and a day to get those clumps off and not to mention the coverage is not that great either.  In my opinion there is just not enough savings in making your own chalk paint to deal with all the sanding you'll have to do.

After it was all sanded, I added some lace painting. This is so easy and fun! You just put your lace on where you want it and spray paint over it!

Here it is, I'm loving that lace look!