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Thursday, January 30, 2014

::Kitchen No. 5::

Are you all so sick of these yet? Not me!! I'm still so in love with them, just like it was my first one.

We had the honor of building this for a client that was giving this kitchen away as a gift for Christmas! It was so much fun! All she said was, "I want it to have lavender, lime and black with a Paris theme." That's it! The rest was up to me. What a dream, to work with!! Here's what we started out with...

It was quite short and I wanted to fancy it up a bit! To me, there is no better way to make a piece fancy - than to add feet & crown molding. Wouldn't you agree? 

After building all the kitchen parts, it was time for the color! 

Again, we went with all three kitchen appliances. Even though, the big sinks are my favorite... As a Mommy, I understand wanting to get more bang for your buck! 

Then, because this was a Christmas gift I decided to leave a little message ;0) 

I'm in love with chalkboard art! Next, I added ALL the little extras. Here is what she looked like!

The fabric was Paris themed and full of lime damask and black lace. I love the crystal sink knobs on this one.  I had the pleasure of delivering this on Christmas Eve, just in time! 

Before & After

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

::Flowers of Sweet Salvage ~ January::

For the Love of Home was this months Sweet Salvage event!

I loved all the designers version of home, this one felt very warm and welcoming.  Just like home should be!

Look at these laundry vignettes!  Maybe if my laundry room looked like one of these, I would like doing it?? Uhmmm, PROBABLY NOT!!

There was a bunch of indigo, which I just loved!

And more fun color pops!

They had lots more of my favorite olive buckets...Which are getting harder and harder to find!!  Quite a dilemma for this crazy olive bucket lover!

Because Valentine's Day is coming soon, I was feeling the need for romantic accessories with hues of pink.

I also had the pleasure of making more boot socks and tunics!!

Oh, and signs!!

Home Sweet Home!    

Friday, January 10, 2014

::Did You Hear The News?::

I'm so excited to announce that Blue House Boutique  and I, partnered up with Audrey's to bring the west valley Chalk Paint® decorative paint created by Annie Sloan!!   

We have been dreaming about being a stockist for a LOOONG time, at one point we thought we would not be able to get the paint, we were even looking into to other paint lines...Which was actually a good thing! It forced us to really study paint and figure out why we wanted Chalk Paint® to began with. After 5 months of thinking we may not carry paint at all, we got the phone call that it was ours!! It was like Mrs. Blu and I won a trip to Disney Land, we are so trilled! WE'RE STOCKIEST, EEK!!! 

Because we have been dreaming about this forever, we knew exactly where it would be displayed in the store. Isn't this perfect for paint? I wish I could say it was a Grungy Galz piece, but it's not. Some other talented person did it...Maybe you?  (sorry about the blurry picture, I'm just getting used to my phone)

We could not wait to get that baby filled! Here is a couple of the beauties behind Audrey's! Erin the store owner and her daughter Allie. 

Tada! It's all ready for you to come and take a peek! We are open from 11-4 Tuesday through Saturday - Blue House on 58th and Myrtle ;0) 

Now, the next step is to get my classroom ready! I'm already loving where 2014 is going, hope your year is just as fun!