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Thursday, January 30, 2014

::Kitchen No. 5::

Are you all so sick of these yet? Not me!! I'm still so in love with them, just like it was my first one.

We had the honor of building this for a client that was giving this kitchen away as a gift for Christmas! It was so much fun! All she said was, "I want it to have lavender, lime and black with a Paris theme." That's it! The rest was up to me. What a dream, to work with!! Here's what we started out with...

It was quite short and I wanted to fancy it up a bit! To me, there is no better way to make a piece fancy - than to add feet & crown molding. Wouldn't you agree? 

After building all the kitchen parts, it was time for the color! 

Again, we went with all three kitchen appliances. Even though, the big sinks are my favorite... As a Mommy, I understand wanting to get more bang for your buck! 

Then, because this was a Christmas gift I decided to leave a little message ;0) 

I'm in love with chalkboard art! Next, I added ALL the little extras. Here is what she looked like!

The fabric was Paris themed and full of lime damask and black lace. I love the crystal sink knobs on this one.  I had the pleasure of delivering this on Christmas Eve, just in time! 

Before & After