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Friday, July 18, 2014

::Painting Velvet with Chalk Paint®, say what?!::

Did you know you can paint that velvet chair that granny gave you? Yep, uh-huh, you sure can!! It's CRAZY easy. They key is water, more water and sanding! It's all done with Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan. 

Here's what I started with...Not that bad, right?

There was a couple of stains near the back of the seat and it was missing two corner brackets. The corner brackets were an easy fix, but the stains wouldn't come out :0(  Sooo, because I wanted to try painting velvet with Chalk Paint®, this was the perfect piece to give it a try! 

I have a girly little spot in the store so I wanted it shabby and princess-ish! I went with Old White for the chair and Antoinette for the seat. This is just one coat of paint! 

I did not measure paint to water... It was lots of water and hardly any paint. After three coats of Chalk Paint® and sanding between each coat I got this! 

It needs just a little bit more sanding on the edge and then... Ta da! 

Doesn't it just blow your mind!!! I'm so happy with it, what do you think? 

The best part is, it's still soft and feels like velvet! Come UP stairs to Grungy Galz in the Blue House Boutique  to feel for your self :0) 


  1. To make it soft, did you rough up the velvet after you painted? Or go with the nap?
    I'm gonna (just like I threatened on Hometalk, which brought me here) do it.
    I swear!

    1. Hi Christine! So sorry for not responding sooner...I just noticed your message in my Spam box :0( But yes, You're gonna paint it, sand it, paint it, sand it and keep doing it till you get the coverage you want! Then the last step is to wax it!! Good luck and have fun!