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Monday, December 22, 2014

::Buckin' Beautiful::

I've been having so much fun with my new German Glass Glitter line! Have you ever played with it? It's like sparkle heaven in a jar! I use so much of it on my signs and everyone would ask where I get it from, now on I can say me!  Here it is...Isn't it purdy?!

Now the fun part, let's play!! Here's what I used~
* Paper mache deer head.
* Artisan Enhancements Transfer Gel
* Paris Grey Chalk Paint®.
* Pure White Chalk Paint®.
* Liquid Nails Adhesive,
* Cabinet Door.

This what I started with, so cute right?  She was talking to me at Hobby Lobby and telling me she needed some sparkle to her...It was $30 dollars but with my handy dandy phone app, I got it for 40% off!! SAY WHAT!!!??

Then she got painted with Paris Gray, I always paint before I glitter.  That way it blends better with the German Glass Glitter, kinda like your base coat and then the glitter is your top coat.

 After the Chalk Paint® drys, which is fast. Paint on the Artisan Enhancements Transfer Gel, I use this like a decoupage and paint it on in sections. After painting the transfer gel on your first section, grab your fanciest vintage spoon :0) Or a scoop of some sort, and pour it on! Make sure you are doing this over a tote or a large paper because your German Glass Glitter is precious and you want to save all that left over goodness!

Next, I painted my cabinet door with Pure White and distressed it a bit. I then put on the Liquid Nails on the back of her neck and placed on the cabinet door. It takes a bit for the glue to set and she's gonna be heavy with all that glitter on her...SO, your going to have to be patient and hold her there. Or you can prop her up until the adhesive sets.  I watched an episode of My Heart Of Dixie and the adhesive was set! I would most defiantly do that if I were you!

Woo-Hoo!! She's all done, I'm sooooo in love with this glitter and she is  just so buckin' beautiful!!